Weekend on a magical Georgia Farm :-)06/13

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I am a beach girl by nature.  A true mermaid, it pains me to be away from the ocean.  Although my winters are spent in the mountains of Vermont (which I adore) if the choice ever had to be made, its ocean all the way for me!! This weekend I learned a valuable lesson of appreciating magic wherever it is….

Photo: Magical wide open spaces inspire me!!!:-) Mal's Georgia farm..:-)


One of my bestest friends Malissa has a farm near Alma, Georgia.  She has invited me countless times to visit there with her and I never have until this past weekend.  The idea of leaving the ocean and timing just never allowed it to happen.  But this weekend all the planets aligned and we arrived on Friday to one of the most magical places I have been.  The farm has been in her family for years, it was her beautiful, sweet grandmothers home and the minute you walk in the door you can feel the love of the home.  Another wonderful thing is that it feels like you walked into a time warp, with nothing changed inside the house since years ago.  Its true magic.   We spent our days harvesting the organic blackberries and blueberries that were ready for picking…rain or shine, we talked and picked and just enjoyed the nature we were so blessed to be a part of.  I did yoga early in the mornings on the edge of a beautiful freshly plowed field surround by big trees and forest.  The sound of birds, frogs from the nearby pond and just silence filled the air as I breathed in the fresh air and did my practice.  The cotton and peanut plants were just breaking the soil and the endless view of farmland around you literally takes your breath away.  Wide open spaces…they are the same, peaceful, calm, uplifting, inspiring…whether its the ocean, or a vast canyon, or mountains, or this beautiful farmland.   All amazing…all a blessing of peace and serenity.  We saw buildings that her great grandparents  were born in, tobacco sheds- and found a random Georgia peach tree just waiting for us to pick it!  Such rich, priceless history.  I am so grateful to have been able to share this experience.  And even better, after all the blueberry picking, we made delicious jam with honey (no sugar, no pectin) for my very first jam making experience…so much fun!! Photo: Sunset blueberry picking...:-)






This weekend make me think a lot about farmers- Salt of the Earth people that farm because it is what they do. My Grandma who is 93 was a Nebraska farmer.  She tells me countless stories about hard work and sacrifice and simple living  just to put food on peoples tables.   They must have a connection to the Earth, otherwise they wouldn’t do it.  There is no major profit in it, and its really hard work, and risky… And even worse, these days they are fighting giant corporate monsters just to grow natural food the way it always has been.  (Read up on Monsanto and GMOs) Sad things are happening to small farmers.

So, that being said, please support your local farmers…if they are still willing to put in all that hard work and dedication for small rewards, they deserve our love and support.  Buy LOCAL when ever you can…spend the little extra money if you have to and remind yourself that you are investing in peoples hard work and spirit…That is a valuable investment.:-)


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