The Great Salt Lake Adventure Day04/12

Posted by celeste

Buffalo-up close and personal-such amazing animals!

Antelope Island Buffalo Herd

So, today we woke up to windy, colder, not so ideal riding conditions…so we decided to make it an adventure/exploration day to Antelope Island a beautiful island in the Great Salt Lake. Its a State Park full of beauty, animals and history about the Great Salt Lake. We drove down a long road with the lake on both sides in which the colors of the water constantly changed based on the salinity in that area. We arrived at the welcome center for Antelope Island, watched a short video about the ecosystem and headed out to explore. The beautiful grasslands moved in the breeze and we stopped for a while to observe the herds of buffalo that live on the island. It was a beautiful partly cloudy day. We did a short hike to Buffalo Point where we had an amazing 360 degree view of the lake. It was far more stunning than we had expected for the day that started out with dark clouds, wind and snow flurries.
After a day surrounded by natural beauty we had a great Mexican Food dinner in Salt Lake City and headed back to Park City. A fun filled day!!! GIving gratitude for the diversity that surrounds us.

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