Thoughts on being a nomad…:-)06/13

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As of April 1, I could be considered homeless, well, if you took away the amazing people in my life who continually open their homes to me like they are my own.  Thank you Donna, Malissa, Kristi, Stacey, Mom & Gram, Dave and everyone else who has offered me a place to crash.  Special thanks to God, Mother Nature, the Universe (whatever you call your Divinity) because I have found a special love for sleeping in the outdoors as much as possible.   This decision was a conscious one, I like to travel and even trying to keep a “place” for security seems like a ridiculous waste of money-which I don’t have, and even if I did, I do not want to waste. Helen Keller says, “Security is illusion, it does not exist in nature.  Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all.” One of my all time favorite quotes that I’m sure I will reference again in another post. :-) So, after a month of organizing my stuff and giving away a lot of unnecessary belongings.  I took a deep breath and felt good about the step toward simplicity. I must thank my friends Donna, Tony, and Eddie & Betsy for allowing space in their places for the stuff I did leave behind.  After sorting through years of accumulation I found myself becoming so much more aware of the word, attachment.  Why do we keep the clothes that no longer fits?  Or the gifts that we really don’t like or use.  I found pleasure in giving, giving, giving away stuff.  In fact it became fun to send random things to random friends that I thought could use or appreciate a certain item.  And I hope that was a much of a blessing to them as it was to me….because it felt great, really great.  Cleaning the clutter out of your life has some profound emotional impacts.  For me, it seemed that it was like a snowball down a hill.  I began to clean up my eating habits more, my fitness, and even more than that, my THOUGHTS.  With lots of meditation and thought, I began to clean my mind and gain clarity of my path, my direction in life….my MISSION and purpose here on this Earth.  I believe we all have a purpose, some of us rise, fight, work and grow to reach it, and others may never even figure out what their path is.  All I know for sure is that I am aware, I am rising, I am fighting for, working and growing…..growing exponentially at this moment.  And SMILING, I am really SMILING at this moment too. Nomadic life can be challenging, but with this new found organization, its been a fun adventure.  (Organization greatly inspired by a very special person who came into my life a few months ago…thanks Dave:-)) This guy should be teaching people minimalism…he constantly inspires me with his ability to live happily with very little.  Im still working on that…hahahaha.    I have realized that you can put a small dresser in your car and have an outfit for just about anything you need on the road.  I have a crate with the kitchen necessities-smoothie maker (thanks roomie Sam for forgetting that:-)), a small expresso machine, a cutting board and knife, a fork/spoon/knife, bowl, plate, & cup.  Seriously its all you really need. I carry a bin of food, with rice & beans, granola bars, nuts,& dried fruit. I have a small cooler bag that I bought in Hawaii that seems to keep my fruits/veggies/drinks all good when Im going from place to place.  Theres a couple of small baskets with my toiletries (I am a girl afterall) with all the things I need.  I brought 2 surfboards, 4 hula hoops, a yoga mat, a djembe drum-which I really need instruction with, and my newest adventure-a Native American Flute.  I have always wanted to be musical, but well, with my lack of dedication my guitar is on Craigslist if anyone is interested.  I figured the flute is travel friendly, an amazing instrument related to a culture that I love and admire, and I seem to have a 2-5% natural talent with it. hahahaha.  I am an air sign, and I guess a wind instrument might be well suited for me.  I brought one suitcase with varied clothes (warmer hiking clothes for the Fall months, not know where I will be).  It all fits pretty neatly in my Honda Element-which I LOVE!!  So, there that is my lifestyle choice for now and its working out good, I’m feeling free, with unlimited possibilities and happy, and to me that is priceless.

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