Snow Surf S.U.P. Hike


YaY! Snowboarding!
From every Thanksgiving to at least April 1, you can find Celeste teaching snowboarding at Okemo Mountain, Vermont. For 18 years, this has been her home mountain. Snowboarding is not just for kids anymore! Over the past five years we have seen dads, moms and even grandparents fall in love with this sport. So shake things up a bit and try something new. You can contact us through the site or call Okemo Mountain directly at 802-228-1600 to book lessons with Celeste Gallegos.

During the New England off season, there are other places to snowboard too! We run adventures to Utah in April, and in the future will be heading to New Zealand in the month of July! Contact us if you are interested…or see our Journeys section for lists of currently booked trips with openings…




Another sport that you will quickly fall in love with…

We offer surfing lessons or surfing expeditions in many of our destinations:

Barbados       Costa Rica         El Salvador          Panama             Nicaragua 

      Florida             Outer Banks          New England           Puerto Rico               

   Mexico                 Hawaii                        Alaska                             Indonesia

All levels of surfing available.

Try surfing, include a few days or have a surf specific trip!

Contact us to talk about the details or check out the Journeys section for up and coming surf trips.

SUP (Stand up Paddleboarding)

SUP Sunset resized
Also called SUP, this originally Hawaiian sport is quickly emerging across the world. It offers great cross training for many sports and benefits that include increased balance, core strength and cardio.  Calorie burn depends a lot on conditions you are paddling (ie, wind speed, direction, ocean or lake,  etc.) but you will  burn calories and build muscle in this activity.  Plus you have fresh air and amazing views..!


We offer SUP  in:

Maine         Vermont      New Hampshire          Connecticut    

    The Outer Banks, North Carolina        Carolina Beach, North Carolina  

               Tybee Island, Georgia          Cumberland Island, Georgia 

Jacksonville Beach, Florida               Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida 

          Great Salt Lake, Utah                          Park City, Utah

                                                     Durango, Colorado

Offered in most international destinations, too!

SUP in Lake Coatepeque

Paddling on ancient volcanic Lake Coatepeque, El Salvador


Leisure paddling  – Approximately 250 calories per hour

Increased Intensity – Approximately 500 calories per hour

High Intensity/Race Paddling – Approximately 850 per hour


Biceps, Triceps, Lats, Deltoids….(that’s your upper arms, and upper back muscles)

Rotator Cuff (those muscles in your shoulders)

Core (front and sides of your stomach)

Quads  and Hamstrings (Upper front/bag leg muscles) Mostly from standing and balancing


And it improves your balance.  Once you feel comfortable on a paddleboard, you can even do YOGA on a SUP which adds muscles worked, calories burned and balance gained!



You can learn to ride waves on these stable cruisers and spend hours on water enjoying the nature around you. We  offer Aqua Yoga classes (SUP + YOGA) and area tours  Combining these two is a new, fun experience.

We offer stand up paddle boarding  in most destinations as it can be done on lakes, sounds, and oceans.

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We add newly scheduled adventures often….

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In most destinations that we travel to we offer hiking for all ability levels.  What better way to see a place than to walk around on your own two feet.  Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park in Utah, and Durango, Colorado are a few  of our newest hiking destinations.  (Usually offered in late April/early May).  These can also be combined with the snowboard adventures we offer in Utah in the beginning of April.


If you havent spent a Fall in New England,or if you would like someone to show you some new hikes, give us a call.   Fall foliage season is usually the last week of September through the first week of October.  Every year is slightly different, but you can always contact us for the best guess on when the peak colors will be.  Of course, keep in mind that we are dealing with Mother Nature, so we can’t always know exactly what it is going to be like.  Remember  that is part of the surprise!! We can however, guarantee great excursions, friendly staff and lots of fun adventures for all ability levels.

We can also help with travel planning -planes, trains, and automobilies!!  We can arrange lodging at some of our trusted places, or if you have your own place to stay, we can offer guided day hikes- lunch & snacks included (if you choose).

There are lots of fun areas of Vermont to explore after our hikes as well, and we know all the places you didn’t know about!!  You can also choose to try some kayaking, or stand up paddleboarding (with instruction/guide included) on some of Vermonts beautiful and plentiful lakes and rivers.

Waterfalls are plentiful in Vermont!


Such beautiful colors..

View from Killington Peak in the Fall

The Outer Banks, North Carolina

Most people think of the Outer Banks in North Carolina as just a beach destination, but there are some beautiful hikes in this area as well, let us guide you to them.  These hikes are usually combined with one of our yoga/surf retreats, but if we are in the area, we would be happy to have you join us for a day hike as well!

Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

Every year in April you can find the Live A Happy Life Crew in Utah.  We run snowboarding/skiing camps for the first two weeks and for the second two weeks, we go south toward some of the most unique and beautiful hiking around.  Bryce Canyon is a unique hiking destination filled with amazing hoodoos (a pillar rock, usually of fantastic shape, left by erosion)

Surreal views


Its like hiking in another world…

The power of water and layers of sediment create vibrant colors…

Zion National Park, Utah

Zion is another place that will amaze you. An amazing place created by the movement of water.  Age old, diverse rock layers offer spectacular views and awe inspiring peaks.   Camping/lodging are both available.  We encourage you to come join us in this magnificent place.  We will let the pictures inspire you…they are worth a thousand words.

The peaks in Zion are magestic!


Look for the little people to give perspective of size.


Bali, Indonesia

How often do you get the opportunity to hike to see a 9000+ sacred volcano at Sunrise, well in Bali you can!!  As one of our inclusions in the Bali Adventure, we will explore this amazing mountain region that offers spectacular views and beautiful culture, not to mention a welcome break from the heat of the Bali beach areas! :-)  There are other hikes available of temple areas, rice paddies and other exotic sights that this magical island offers.


Komodo Island, Indonesia


The Komodo Dragon-up close and personal

An unforgettable experience-we take you to Komodo National Park to trek for Komodo Dragons- a species only found in this region of the world and very remote. Surviving in Indonesias harsh climate for million of years, because of natural disasters, human encroachment, poaching and other factors, they have become an endangered species.-with only 3000-5000 of these animals left.


There are no fences to separate you from these modern day dragons…

Interacting with these ancient dragons in their natural habitat is an remarkable experience that you will treasure.  This adventure requires an open mind, adaptability to small basic  boat cabins, extensive boat travel in sometimes bumpy waters and an ability to be comfortable without constant electricity.  THIS IS A VERY REMOTE PLACE, not for the luxury lovers.  It requires good hiking gear, an average fitness level, above average health, and  tolerance of  hot, dry, extremely remote climates.  Its an adventure but offers an experience of a lifetime!

This can be added to your Bali adventure if your journey is longer than 2 weeks!:-)