Last Day of the Utah Adventure04/12

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Had a delicious breakfast of crepes and coffee at the Java Cow in downtown Park City.  Then packed up  and headed toward the airport, by way of the Utah Museum of Natural History.  What an amazing place!  If you get a chance to visit it, do it.  It is on the campus of the University and it a not only an archectectural beauty but also filled with tons of history and information about the people, and the landscape wonders of Utah.  Its several floors high and each floor is another level of greatness.  You can learn all about the history of the Native People of the area, the Great Salt Lake, the diverse geology, and much more!  The Native Peoples exhibit gives a great history of events from actual Native accounts.  It is at times heartwrenching to feel that such a spiritual and wise culture has had to suffer so greatly in the name of American progress.  It is very enlightening and informative.  The artifacts that they display are beautfiul treasures of handicraft that reminds one of the refreshing efficient use of resources and extreme respect and love for nature.

After a great visit, we stopped and had a quick light, healthy lunch and got all settled at the airport for the journey homeward.  It was blessed week, full of adventure and fun.




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