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Sunday June 23rd,  the Supermoon showed itself to all of us…and it was a beautiful, amazing thing to witness.  I was blessed enough to do my evening meditation under the moonlight on the beach in Florida.  Its times like those that I feel closest to nature and so grateful for all of it that surrounds us.  It helps me to remember what is REALLY important to me.  Time.  Time is important to me…if I had to choose time or lots of money I would choose time.  The ability to sit, comfortably, peacefully and without that feeling that you should be doing something is so priceless (to me).  So, if you have read my other posts you understand that it does require sacrifice, but the sacrifice holds great rewards.  Your mind seems to calm, your body feels peaceful its hard to describe really but when you feel it,  you feel it! I am digressing but trying to encourage you to TRY it.  Even if its giving yourself 10 minutes of solitude time a day.  TRY it.  You will begin to like it..and with practice,  it will grow and flourish.  I promise.

So because of the Supermoon, the tides were super high and super low, which enabled the ocean to deposit a lot of garbage on the beach.  As I walked down the beach to go surfing, I noticed so much garbage.  It really started to make me sad.  And I thought the ocean put this here, we need to pick it up before the tides take it back out…I know I don’t want to surf in water with all that in it!!  So after my surf session, I grabbed a bag from my car and proceeded to walk up and down the beach collecting trash.  After probably 2 hours, I had collected over 50 plastic bottlecaps, tons of cigarette butts, 7 shoes-mostly flip flops, plastic bottles, cans, kids plastic toys, socks, shirts, countless plastic bags and straws and Capri sun packages, kite strings and plastic, bags, and other trash.  I passed several people who commented and asked if my bags were all trash from the beach…I said yep.  But what made me a little disappointed was that no one offered to help.  I didn’t mind because I was doing it for me, but I don’t understand either the lack of motivation to DO SOMETHING even if its an hour of your beach sun time… But it was a successful venture and I was able to clean up one of my favorite beaches for yesterday and that made me happy.  I am not under any illusion that more trash wont come up, but yesterday, that beach was sparkly clean, and if sand could smile, it would have been smiling ear to ear!   So although the trash island that you hear about in the Pacific isn’t as huge as one would think, please think about the potential of that happening in the future if we don’t limit our consumption, recycle and be mindful of our waste.   Those adorable sea turtles don’t know the difference between plastic bags and their normal lunch of a jellyfish, and the colored caps trick them into thinking that its colorful marine life snacks….same with fish…so help them!!!


Creative ideas to help:

Buy a Klean Kanteen -( ( they are stainless steel refillable water bottles- the insulated ones  will keep your cold beverages COLD for hours on a beach, and you can save money and refill them in water fountains and restaurants…That would help eliminate extra plastic.  They also can hold your hot beverages…look for the interchangeable hot/cold lids. They are by far my favorite.

Buy a Nalgene – Better for not so hot area, but it really helps you measure the amount of water you drink.  Also refillable and BPA free so even if your water gets heated up, its still safe for you!

Use plastic containers for snacks instead of baggies…you will most likely not forget them, and they don’t blow away with the wind. Bonus, they are reusable!

Bring a bag and plastic gloves to the beach and make a fun adventure with your kids of cleaning up…boys especially love treasure hunts…give them a prize for most gathered or weirdest find……teach them young to protect and preserve nature.  They will remember who taught them these lessons later in life.   :-) I do! Thanks Mom.

Check these peeps out…they are MOTIVATED…  and cleaning up the oceans..

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