Womens Wild West Adventure Day 3- The Canyons! 04/12

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Panoramic views take your breath away...

Again woke up and did a morning yoga session to warm up our muscles for a great day of riding! After our healthy breakfast of protein shakes, yogurt and some bananas we packed up our gear and jumped into the car for the short 10 minute ride to the Canyons.  As you arrive at the Canyons, you glimpse the 11 peaks that makes this resort so amazing.  Its like a 180 degree view of shredable terrain…it ALWAYS makes me smile as we go up the convenient lift from the parking lot to the base.

Since the last time we rode the Canyons we explored the South peaks we decided to go up and start heading North toward Dream Peak and others we hadnt had time to explore together at the last camp.  The conditions held out great as the temps stayed favorable to keep the groomed trails smooth.  We progressed our way down many awesome trails toward Dream Peak and decided to have lunch at the top of it.  Such amazing panoramic views . (SEE PIC) We joked that we could totally just live right there…The sun was out, the snow was great and once again, we just had to chuckle at the beauty, and the joyful feeling of experiencing this amazing place.

After another full day of riding we made our way back to the car and on our way home decided to stop at Windy Ridge for a little snack of their amazing mushroom soup.  After that light snack, we decided to head back to the condo, start a fire in the fireplace and order in for the night.  We ordered a pizza and salad from the Red Banjo and enjoyed it in front of the fire.

After a little downtime, we did another restorative yoga session and headed to bed early since we had decided to make the 2 hour trek to Powder Mountain a secret jewel nestled a bit northeast….onward to our next riding adventure!



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Womens Wild West Adventure Day 2 Park City 04/12

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Park City Utah 2012

Entering Jupiter Bowls area

Began the morning with yoga and a healthy breakfast.  Gathered our gear and headed one block over to the Town Lift.  What a luxury to walk a block into town, hop on a lift with a great view of Park City Old Town and Park City Mountain Resort to start the first day of our snowboard adventure!  It was a beautiful mostly sunny day, and the excitement of being in Utah put smiles on our faces….

Began our riding heading toward Jupiter Access after a few warm up runs.  While we didnt have the renowned Utah powder, for this year of little snow, we had great Spring like conditions and 90+ trails to choose from.  Park City is a unique resort and one of the things we love is that you can literally see the history of the place as you are riding around…near the Thames lift, and many other places, you see the remains of the old mines that historically define the town of Park City.  A favorite place to stop into is the town museum which tells the story of the history of Park City.  There are many fun places we frequent while here, the Fatali gallery (my personal favorite), some great bookstores, Rocky Mountain Chocolate, Java Cow and much more!

After a full day of riding as the conditions began to mush out a bit, we headed down the trail into Old Town and back to our comfy condo.  We decided to enjoy the afternoon sun on the balcony with some after riding snacks, cheese and crackers and fruit.  The sun was warm, the breeze cool and we enjoyed just people watching and living in the peaceful moment.  After prying ourselves out of the chairs, we decided to go to dinner at Windy Ridge, a place suggested by my good friend Stacey who lives in PC.   Windy Ridge does Taco Tuesdays so we ate our fill of delicious tacos complete with several different homemade salsas…needless to say, our bellies were quite happy, especially after the chocolate covered churros for dessert.  During dinner Bonnie tried her very first Margarita…shes hooked! :-)

After our delicious dinner, we rested and talked about the day, checked the weather and made the plan for Wednesday..the Canyons…We did a nice restorative yoga session and headed to bed.  A beautiful, fun filled day! :-)  Feeling happy and grateful!


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UTAH 2012 04/12

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April Fools Day!!
Why is it that I feel most at home when I’m traveling? Must be the nomadic, adventurous spirit that possesses me and makes me believe that just anything amazing could happen around every corner when I’m traveling…of course this is reinforced by the fact that when I’m traveling, amazing things do happen!!!!

On my way to Salt Lake City Utah…this week is Live A Happy Life’s Wild West Snow Adventure!!

Thank goodness for friends, after a ride to the Burlington, vt. airport, I jumped on a quick flight on Jet Blue to NYC…where everything came to a screeching halt as I had a 5 hour layover. But, I must say I have fallen madly in love with the Jet Blue terminal at JFK, it puts the rest of JFK (which I believe is a less than friendly airport) to shame. Its clean, cool, bright and has countless delicious foods with plentiful healthy choices in restaurants and in the small shops. They offer quick food solutions, yummy sit down restaurants, delicious espresso bars, and other bars too. WIFI is free with cool tech bars complete with lots of charging stations. The bathrooms are clean with attendants constantly present and friendly. There’s a play area for kids and comfy seats galore. It is by far a pleasant place to spend any amount of time. In fact I just realized its raining outside, I have been so mesmerized by this surprisingly exciting place. Oh, the fun you can have in an airport. Of course my mission in life is to find or create fun wherever I am.

As Im listening to my chair neighbor talking in Spanish on the phone, my desire to go to Mexico in May for my birthday grows. I miss my Mexican friends/family so much. I think it would be awesome to go to the pyramid of the Sun and Moon on my birthday as a reminder to myself how small I am in this world and that there are much bigger, more important things!
Met a beautiful spirited girl on the plane originally from Trinidad…shes a singer and we had great chats about God and life in general and both realized that even though we come from different worlds, we actually have alot in common…connecting with people is so important, and one of my favorite things about travelling…

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Welcome to a Happy Life 01/12

Posted by jonathan

Here at the blog we will be posting pictures, travel advice, and extra info about the trips! Check back for future updates!

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