About Us

OUR MISSION:   Inspiring happiness, teaching wellness, living adventure! 


We help people live happier- utilizing options that work for you. Vacations are important and travel is enlightening but you can also create a life that inspires you everyday!   Through unique methods in both our world wide travel adventures AND our local wellness workshops, we offer wellness education, outdoor fun fitness, new experiences, and relaxation techniques.   We strive to reduce the stress of life,  increase the smiles and help people regain excitement for living!”Celeste Gallegos, Founder

We are about the journey toward happiness.  A key ingredient for happiness is wellness.  We are constantly learning and creating ways to help improve peoples daily lives through nutrition, exercise, activity, emotional healing, inspiration and of course our world wide travel experiences.

Helping each other reach places in our lives that we thought were not possible creates love and unity.  And in love and unity, there is power.  Unimaginable power!

We offer nutritional suggestions & counseling, emotional healing techniques, meditation training, healthy cooking/eating instruction,  private yoga counseling  (including yoga retreats), snowboard retreats, showshoeing, hiking, surf camps,  stand up padding boarding, yoga on stand up paddleboards, fitness hula hooping, belly dance , and lots of other fun ways to get inspired!

Our locations vary to keep it interesting and if you are interested in a private customized plan, please feel free to contact us.  We travel around a lot, and for us the sky is the limit!


Our fully customized guided world wide journeys are unlike traditional travel. We consider your schedule, your preferences, your budget and your individual dreams.


*Cultural exploration               *Fun fitness                    *Humanitarian Opportunities

*Adventure Tours                                                * Language Programs

Each destination has its own unique variety of activities and choices.


Where ever we are, we tread lightly and respectfully of people and places.  We strive to stimulate local economies and participate in fair trade as well as utilize local guides and businesses to contribute to places where we are welcomed.



We want to encourage you to be self-full, to spend time nurturing your own spirit. In addition to families and couple journeys, we offer  women-specific journeys.   What better way to connect with your loved ones than to travel, with new experiences creating new life-long vivid memories for each of you? It’s our joy to enable parents to give the gift of a wider world view to their children.


Finding time to get away is a big enough challenge in our lives. So we take care of all the pre-trip details – flights, transport ,guiding,  accommodations and all activities. We have spent lots of time in each area to find the best guides, locations and activities to create a memorable fun experience.

We invite you to experience, learn, grow, relax and be happy!


Our journeys are fully-customized to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Check out our website for upcoming journeys or contact us to create your own personal journey. Our business is rooted in inspiration, healing and creating new exciting experiences.

LIVE your life….LOVE your life!!


We wish that everyone could find time to travel with us, but we know that that is not always possible.  That’s why we created our short workshops in your local area to give you the opportunity for a crash course in moving toward a fuller, happier life.   Our workshops topics vary by theme and can be fully customized for your group.  We have recently been working with small parties, to promote wellness through nutrition, delicious healthy eating tips, and fun fitness.

Please click on our CONTACT US fruit on the home page and send us a note if you are interested in our workshops.  Or click the Facebook link on the home page….LIKE us on Facebook and we will keep you posted with events in your area.


A note from our Founder, Celeste Gallegos



Life is for living…I’ve learned first-hand and often, travel and the vast variety of experiences it invites, opens up your spirit and expands your vision.


Born in Colorado, I moved to Florida at age 12; I settled quickly and comfortably into the life of a Florida beach girl. After receiving a degree in Marketing and Photography (including various interesting classes not in my field of study) at UNF, I moved to Upstate New York to work on the Iroquois (Oneida) territory. It was a life-changing experience that intiated my nomadic lifestyle and teaching career.


After my year was complete, I moved to Vermont, where I became a snowboard instructor and yoga teacher.  Working as much as possible in the Winter and traveling as much as possible in the summers, I have been  able to visit and/or live in beautiful paradises including Mexico, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Bali, Komodo Island, Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand, Alaska, Barbados and Puerto Rico, El Salvador, and Guatemala. I spent a few summers as a hiking guide in Vermont and realized that my passion is to inspire others to “step outside the box” and truly live their lives.   The main requirements for achieving this: courage and motivation.  Once you make up your mind that you can do something new, you have already conquered half the battle!


I strive to LIVE A HAPPY LIFE which is why I chose this name for the business.  Living happy is something that we all dream about and can achieve.   It’s sometimes a simple life, and yes, there are always challenges, but the only thing we really have control of in life is our reactions and actions!! So take action now, and let’s just see if we can make your dreams come true!!


“Security is an illusion, it does not exist in nature..life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all!” – Helen Keller