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Life is REALLY too short. 05/16

Posted by celeste

Are you living your life fully?  By fully, I do not mean, are you staying busy?  Are you living happy, healthy, loving, learning and experiencing all that is around you?  I know a great man like that…my step-father.  Always smiling, positive, helping others, loving, generous and compassionate.  What you wouldnt know is that Harry was ill, he had COPD for at least 5 years, his lungs operating with only 24% of oxygen-making each breath was a struggle. In addition he had possible cancer and probably much we will never know. But you could never guess, he was always smiling, with a twinkle of light in his eye, and never, ever complained.

Harry passed away 2 weeks ago, and of course our whole family is devestated.  He was THAT GUY, the one everyone wanted around ALWAYS.  He was never negative, in any situation, he just radiated goodness and love.   I cannot even count all the things I learned from him in the short time I knew him, his everyday actions and words were like attending an intense  “How to live the best way” class everyday.   And what I have learned is that the age old expression, life is too short,  is so very true.   Today we all rush through life, in our daily routines, staring at cell phones, ignoring people around us and reading/watching useless nonsense.   I am not judging, as I too am guilty often of being sucked into it.    But I am aware.   I know who I want to be and how I want to be.   I want to look other people in the eye and acknowledge them as a fellow person on this Earth living.  I want to recognize the gifts and goodness in every person I meet, encourage, inspire, enlighten or just share a smile.  This connection, the emotions, the love between humans is what makes us so special.   And our culture is sadly moving us farther and farther away from that…Closer to disconnection.  Living consciously of the traps in life, connecting daily with people keeps your heart full and open and that is a huge part of living a full life.   Do all those things you have always wanted, push past fear, ignore excuses.   LOVE everyone around you, not materially but with hugs and kisses and kind words and TIME.  And then on that day when you leave this world, you will leave it with a smile on your face knowing you truly LIVED.    Much love to you my people.

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